Methods matter: Anecdotalisation as knowledge co-creation

Cities are ever-changing constellations comprised of built infrastructure, people, things, memories and ideas. They spring from deliberate actions and initiatives undertaken just as much as they are shaped by accidents, the soil on which they stand, and the weather that bends and moulds them. In return, the cities we live in shape our lives, and […]

The contestations of the gathered voices of Malmö

Introduction Malmö, Sweden, is a city smaller than its reputation. Stories about the city as a scary place – based on a master-narrative that combines black economy, street violence, and (allegedly failed) multiculturalism – depicts the part of the city’s population that is racialised as non-white as a problem for (the proper) society and adds […]

Narrating the city through best practices

Regardless of the urban problem at hand, be it crime, social exclusion or youth unemployment, best practices are urban policies considered to be successful in some form of “proven” way. Cities construct and spread best practices through conferences and seminars, and communicate them through web pages, glossy brochures, and various social media outlets. In addition, […]

Housing stories – Documenting a dysfunctional housing market

“The way we narrate the city becomes constitutive of urban reality, affecting the choices we make, the ways we then might act” (Sandercock 2003, p.12). Just as storytelling is an inevitable part of being human, it is also an essential part of urban life and urban development. Leonie Sandercock, a planner, scholar and scriptwriter, argues […]

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